[OPINION] Opportunity Knocks: How We Can Turn the Tide of Covid-19 Transmission in Malaysia

The 3rd iteration of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has just been intensified. It is as such an opportune time for us to take cognizance of our control measures so far and in doing so realign our response measures to COVID-19. Dr Dhesi BR in his opinion piece presents six key priority areas within which said realignment must take place.

[KENYATAAN MEDIA] Rujukan Media PANAS! bagi menyokong liputan media mengenai perubahan iklim dilancarkan

Sempena Hari Alam Sekitar Sedunia pada 5 Jun 2021, Science Media Centre (SMC) Malaysia mengumumkan pelancaran PANAS! iaitu rujukan media digital pertama di Malaysia yang disasarkan khusus kepada golongan wartawan, penulis dan pencipta kandungan Malaysia yang berminat untuk membuat liputan mengenai topik alam sekitar dan perubahan iklim.

[MEDIA RELEASE] PANAS! Malaysia’s first digital media toolkit for climate change reporting launched

In conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5, 2021, Science Media Centre (SMC) Malaysia announces the launch of PANAS!, Malaysia’s first digital toolkit targeted towards Malaysian journalists, writers and content makers with an interest in reporting on environmental and climate change topics, in collaboration with the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur and EcoKnights. 

[EXPERT REACTION] Should I be worried about the brands of COVID-19 vaccines I take?

Malaysia rolled out its National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme on Feb 24. While the clock is ticking to get more people inoculated to achieve 80% herd immunity in the Malaysian adult population, we asked experts to answer some of our burning question regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

[PANAS!] Are Malaysian fresh graduates ready to be part of climate change resolutions?

With the worsening climate change crisis in Malaysia, Poorani in her PANAS! submission looks into the need for urgent changes in Malaysian universities to ensure that fresh graduates are ready to hit the ground running in our growing climate-enhancing green workforce in Malaysia.

[PANAS!] 「蚊子」,你所不知道的事 The things you don’t know about mosquito

Although global climate change is most commonly associated with polar caps melting, it has never been a distant subject. We often complain that mosquitoes and mosquito bites have increased recently. Have you ever thought that mosquitoes are now breeding faster because our environments have been changed by the climate? Lim Ann Gee reports for PANAS.

[PANAS!] Why are warming sea temperatures bleaching Malaysian corals white?

Coral reefs play a vital role in maintaining the health of the oceans, but are under increased threat from climate change. In Malaysia, we are home to the last few healthy coral reefs left in the world. Read this PANAS! article by Ashley Yeong on what is coral bleaching and why you should care.

[PANAS!] Prithvi (Earth)

Drawing parallels with Hindu Puranic stories, Prithvi (Earth in Sanskrit) is the story of mankind today, and how we have plundered our Mother Earth with unsustainable development. Prithvi uses the analogy of Bharatanatyam dance to reflect our current climate crisis, reminding us of the need to love and care for the environment.