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Do you aspire to be a science journalist? Or are you a scientist who needs help with media engagement? Or perhaps take it to the next level and become a science entrepreneur?

We customise each workshop and training activities to meet the demand and requirements of each sector. Contact us for more details! 

For journalists

We are here to support reporters, editors and aspiring science writers to improve the quality of science coverage in the country. 

We offer science journalism workshops, in-newsroom training, tips and one-on-one advice on science reporting.

For scientists

We offer workshops on how to interact with the media by providing hands-on experience on interview skills, learn how to resonate your research with journalists and write press statements.

We believe in exploring various ways to engage public interest in science through interesting approaches and experiences beyond the mainstream media.

This could range from social media optimisation, creating video content, storytelling to outreach programmes.

For organisations

We offer workshops on how to interact with the media by providing hands-on experience in interview skills.

Learn how to conduct press conferences and write press releases/statements. 

For more info, contact us using the message form below.


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