[EXPERT REACTION] Do cloth face masks work against COVID-19?

With the shortage of N95 and surgical face masks, cloth coverings are probably the next best option. Health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) have been encouraging people to make cloth face masks at home to guard against the spread of the coronavirus. We asked experts if they actually work against COVID-19.


While scientists are racing against time to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, other types of treatment are being tried out on the infected patients to battle against the coronavirus. This includes traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In China, medical doctors have said to combine TCM and Western medicine as part of COVID-19 treatment for its patients. We asked experts to comment about its effectiveness in treating COVID-19 patients.

[EXPERT REACTION] Should you make your own disinfectants at home?

Can you make your own disinfectant at home? Sure you can. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a guideline for making your own disinfectants, the question is, should you? We asked experts to comment about cleaning and disinfection for households during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[EXPERT REACTION] More recoveries than new COVID-19 infections

The spread of COVID-19 in Malaysia seems to slow down, with more than half of the total cases have recovered as compared to new infections. Worldwide, Malaysia is also reported to have one of the lowest fatality rate, which is 1.65% of the total number of cases. We asked experts to comment on Malaysia’s high recovery rate and low mortality rate.

[EXPERT REACTION] WHO’s warning on antibody tests and immunity

The World Health Organization (WHO) had issued a warning on Friday about COVID-19 testings, saying that there is no evidence antibody tests can show whether a person has immunity or is no longer at risk of becoming reinfected. Here are some of the comments collected by our SMC partner in the UK.

[EXPERT REACTION] Disinfection tunnels cause more harm than good?

Despite the lack of evidence, disinfection tunnels are being set up at crowded places like malls, markets and offices as it was initially believed that the tunnel would work as a mass disinfectant. We asked experts to explain the risk of disinfection tunnel and does it cause more harm than good?

[EXPERT REACTION] Does eating alkaline foods help beat COVID-19?

A social media post has been circulating urging people to eat alkaline food with pH level that is higher than SARS-CoV-2, including lemon, lime, avocado and garlic. This rumour is based on the premise that your diet can alter the pH value — the measurement of acidity or alkalinity — of your body and thus, fight of the coronavirus.