[OPINION] Global Seagrass Loss Reaches Critical Levels, Launch of World Seagrass Day Aims to Raise Awareness

A seagrass emergency has compelled the United Nations, following a resolution by Sri Lanka, to declare a formal World Seagrass Day. For the first time, the humble seagrass will get its own day of celebration and recognition on 1st March 2023, with events and activities taking place around the world to raise awareness about the critical importance of seagrass meadows.

[OPINION] World Environment Day: What do we really celebrate? – Dr Puan Chong Leong

The world is celebrating the World Environment Day for the 46th time. While this day aims to remind ourselves on the importance of environmental protection, we should reflect on how successful we have been in doing so in the last half a decade. The COVID-19 virus, which has infected over 6 million people and has taken more than 300,000 lives to date, certainly gives an alarming signal that humans should put more effort in protecting the environment.