[MEDIA RELEASE] SOP: Post-Lockdown COVID-19 Safety Guidance for Early Childhood Centres

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The National Early Childhood Intervention Council Malaysia has developed a detailed standard operating policy (SOP) to ensure a COVID-19-safe environment for early intervention centres (EIPs), childcare centres and kindergartens. It works as a guideline for early childhood centres to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease in the community when the centres reopen for operation.

The SOP outlines in detail preventive measures required and adjustments to the school and class environment and schedule. For example, shorter school hours and learning time to accommodate time for cleaning and staggering use of common areas may be necessary.

The SOP covers in depth the following areas:

  1. Training and preparation for the whole school community including staff, parents and children before the centre reopens.
  2. Universal (basic) prevention measures to undertake at all times and signage required.
  3. Continual health checks and screening required.
  4. Specific prevention measures to take for the entire period from transport, arrival, entry to centre, teaching sessions, breaks, meals, toileting and leaving.
  5. There are specific instructions for the classroom environment and class-in-session.
  6. Staff meetings and training, as well as virtual learning for homebound children are also covered.

While the guideline is written for the context of early childhood centres such as early intervention centres, childcare centres and kindergartens, parts of the guidelines may also apply to other centres that provide services to children and teenagers like schools, colleges and universities.

The full SOP is 16 pages long and available for download here:

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