[RESEARCH INSIDER] Volcano monitoring: Linking volcanic processes

Mount Sinabung, Indonesia (Photo: Unsplash/Yosh Ginsu)

Research Insider this week gets up close with Stanley Yip who is in his first year pursuing a PhD in Geology at the University of Bristol, UK with his major focusing on volcanology. His goal is to understand magma properties using satellite data to measure sulfur dioxide emissions from volcanoes and volcano deformation. Research Insider also identifies the areas of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which the research covers and its impact. 


What got you into your research field?

The Earth is not built overnight. It is an ongoing process since the creation of the universe. Our existence on Earth is not by chance, so with these thoughts, I seek to understand the beautiful yet complex processes of the history of our only planet. The breadth of these processes is, however, very broad, so from the many knowledge I can seek understanding from, I have chosen volcanology – a hot topic. 

Stanley Yip is in his first-year pursuing a PhD in Geology with his major in volcanology

What is the novelty of your research?

Volcano monitoring techniques are often treated as independent observations, when volcanic processes are fundamentally linked. My study aims to develop a framework to link deformation and degassing observations to understand the physio-chemical properties of magma. 

Why is your research important?

Linking observations from different volcano monitoring technique allows us to understand the dynamic processes of volcanoes. From this, we can better our understanding of the eruptive cycles of volcanoes and reduce its socio-economic impact.

What is the SDG impact of your research?

Understanding volcanic processes help us support policymakers during an impending eruption. This allows officials to make sound judgment to facilitate and mitigate risks and hazards. Reducing risks of exposing volcanic hazards to the population, environment, and physical and economic vulnerabilities strengthen the resilience of the country, thereby enabling sustainable development.

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